It is very important, in anything  that we want to sell out,

that we have the right product knowledge.

It is a must that we fully understand what our product is, what it does, and what it has to offer. You can’t go selling something you have never tried and have no idea of its use and effects to consumers.

In order to convince customers, we must know what we are offering to them.

We cannot convince people to believe in our products if haven’t tried it for ourselves.

How can you trust something if the person who is trying to introduce it to you does not seem to know what he is selling or he is talking about?

It is all about product knowledge dear.

We have to be convincing enough that they will want to try it for themselves because they can feel your excitement and jive about the product. You need to spark their interest, make them feel how effective and great the product worked for you, and they will want to try it to for sure.

If you were the consumer, would you want to buy from someone who is blunt and can’t even describe her product? Our choice of words and expression is a big thing too.

We must use strong words and real expressions to make them feel that the product is indeed real.

In any instances in life, it is important that we know what we are getting ourselves into isn’t it. Especially when it comes to making the right choices and the right decisions.

This applies most importantly in investment. We have to be very careful to what we are buying, to where we are going to spend our hard earned cash.

We need to try and put ourselves in our customer’s shoes.

Someone wise who will make a big investment or will purchase something pricey will think about these things first:

  1. What am I buying?
  2. Is it worth the price?
  3. Is it effective?

We need to assure them of these things. That is what customers want,

Assurace. They want to be sure that everything is explained to them and they want to understand every detail of the product completely.

Only someone who is knowledgeable about the product could inform them about these things. And by having great product knowledge, they will feel rest assured that they are making the right choice in purchasing the right product from the right merchant.

This is what we have talked about in the first part of this ebook, about Passion.

When you are passionate enough, you learn what the product is all about.

Because you have seen the effects for yourself, because you have tried it and loved it.

Sharing to others how great it is will become your passion.

And customers will feel that thrill you have about it, that they actually feel how real it is.

This is why it is so important to understand first what we are offering to the consumers.

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