For most people in the world, Instagram is just a social networking app where they could share their photos and videos with friends and earn likes and followers. But for many others, it is a source of earning lots of money through a single post. In fact, Instagram has emerged as a most powerful channel in the marketing world to brand products. Doesn’t it sound astonishing??? You can also start earning money from your Instagram account if you invest a little time and commitment.
The first and the foremost step in the process of earning through Instagram is increasing your number of followers. Companies search for those Instagrammers who have a great following because greater the number of followers, more will their product be viewed. Once you have a great number of followers, people and companies will pay for ads on your page. Below mentioned are the different ways through which you can increase the number of your followers.
• Uploading unique, good quality photos and using a nice camera can attract more people
• Use filters to give a natural look to your photos and grab the attention of the followers. Mayfair filter is the most powerful one in the marketing world.
• Use hashtags related to photo and includes three related hashtags for each photo. Like the photo, hashtag should also be unique and interesting. Popular hashtags help in reaching a larger audience.
• Geo-tagging the photos will attract more local followers.
• Captioning the photos with humorous or popular captions attract more followers.
• Participating in related Instagram communities can also attract followers.
• Following other people who are posting the related photos is another way of interacting with people and promoting your posts. When you like and comment on their posts, they will get a chance to see your name on their newsfeed and their chances of visiting your profile increase.
• Commenting on others photos or responding to comments on your photos helps in maintaining a follower base. The more you interact with people, the greater the chances of increasing your following.
• Keep your comments section active by asking questions in the captions of your photos. This drives community interaction of your posts.
• To double the exposure of your posts, link your Instagram account to other social networking accounts or your website/blog so that more people see them, and your following may increase.
• The best time to post is during early morning or after working hours when more people are active on their Instagram account
• Fill your bio section to let the followers decide whether to follow you or not. A relevant and attractive bio section will earn more followers.
• Remember to post regularly. Never post all the photos at once as it will have a negative impact on your followers.
After you have a great number of followers either the companies will contact you for promoting their brand or you may search for companies and contact them to explain how promoting their brands on your page will be beneficial for them. For this, you have to show them your detailed number of followers and your sample photos for them to know that you can take clear, artistic photos to promote their brand. Following these simple steps can help you earn money through Instagram.